Corporate Display/Digital Signage

When trying to communicate up-to-date information to clients and employees, digital signs which display text, graphics and videos are very effective. These engage clients and may influence client’s buying decisions. They can be used to attract, inform, educate and entertain a wide spectrum of people including potential clients.

The information can be controlled and distributed from a central location to various high traffic locations such as reception areas, shopping malls, bars etc. We achieve this through interactive displays, creative content and professional installation.




Audio/Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing helps to improve the way you work and fosters both communication and business relationships. WSE’s video and audio systems are incredibly flexible to optimizing each user’s experience. While others seek to cut costs, WSE focuses on increasing the value provided to you through increased productivity and variety of functionalities. Face to face meetings are vital to the success of business relationships. In our fast paced business world, utilizing video conferencing systems is very vital to this end.




Training Room Systems

The training room or the classroom plays a key role in the development of any organisation. It is an important space for communicating your company’s ethos and for people to present their ideas effectively. The need for high quality and comprehensive facilities for lecture/ training rooms is of paramount importance.

We design, install and integrate the necessary facilities such as media lecterns, projection options, interactive technology centered on simple to use control interfaces that remove the complexities of using several audiovisual devices at once. These allow the presenter to operate their systems with a degree of ease giving them the ability to convey their message ingeniously and at the same time capture and maintain the tempo within the room.

Boardroom/Meeting Room Systems

Our board rooms and meeting rooms are fully equipped for making presentations. We specialize in providing board room installs via integrated control systems.

Board rooms are a flexible combination of meeting areas, marketing suites and training environments in which to interact and communicate at the highest levels both internally and with visiting clients.

WSE can easily automate your boardrooms and meeting rooms so that at the touch of a button all your multi-media tools are activated at once and work seamlessly.



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