Our smart lighting control makes you the ‘lord of the lights’ at the touch of a button. This control can be done from your mobile device or from wall mounted keypads. It can also  integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home automation system combining audio, video, security and HVAC to one control platform for your home.

These smart controls help to efficiently manage power energy in your home and save cost on energy. It makes it easy to dim lights and create the right ambience with wireless controls around your home. At the touch of a button, you can adjust hues, density and direction of the lights. With fully automated systems and timer functions whether you are home or away your home is lit just the way you set it.

Blinds and Shading

Make the most of natural light and save energy consumption in your home with intelligent use of motorized blinds, shades and screens. You can tame the effects of the sun, create privacy and ambience for a mid-day movie screening with one button.

Our shading solutions offer you various design options and an opportunity to mix and match systems in various spaces. We offer you the choice of technology, control and fabric.




Multi-room Audio and Video

We offer multi-room audio and video system services which is a centralized sound system that enables you to listen, watch and control your audio equipment from every room in the house simultaneously or independently by using your smart phone or tablet.

Our systems offer the best of audio and video distribution around your home. We liken your home to a private sanctuary where you look forward to retiring to everyday. Your favorite music should follow you everywhere you want to go. With refreshing audio streaming around your home, you can wake up to soothing soft music to energize you for the day’s activities and same at bedtime.

We specialize in concealing speakers in your walls and ceiling for a flawless finish while you enjoy your best music around your whole home. Great for party time with friends and for private time with family.

Security & Surveillance

We offer top of the range brands in our designs and maintain best practice so that our clients are not exposed to greater threats in trying to meet their security demands. We design systems that are capable of reducing these threats to a manageable level giving you the desired comfort your home should have.

We design systems for IP Surveillance (CCTV), automated door locks for access control, door stations to enable you see and communicate with visitors, automated control for your gates etc. Our systems also have the ability to be controlled and monitored remotely thereby giving you the needed assurance of safety. We believe your comfort should not be threatened.




Home Cinema

We offer custom design and seamlessly install home cinema systems that are unique to your needs. Enjoy your favorite movies from the best seats in your house. You can now enjoy true cinematic experiences with crystal clear HD quality motion pictures and theatrical surround sound all from the comfort of your own home. All of these can be controlled from your mobile devices. You decide and control what should happen from the comfort of your seat. Get a home cinema customized to your space and budget. With the best quality video projection and sound quality, you can create a unique cinematic experience in your own home.

Control Systems

Every home has unique needs, we can customize our installations to control the things you care about. Whatever the scale or scope of your project, we can provide personalized control.

Control systems have become much more than a convenient way to remote control A/V equipment. Today’s audio, video, security, lighting, heating, access and many other systems reside on a network and are meant to be integrated into a cohesive group of systems rather than individual systems. Woodstock Electronics has partnered with the A/V industry’s finest control brands like Extron, Bitwise, Control 4, Savant and others to ensure that whatever your control needs are, we have the right product for you.

These systems allow for seamless integration of all the individual systems so that they function together and can be controlled from single or multiple points within a facility.


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